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  • Cobblestone Pavers Pros and Cons

     · Top Brands of Cobblestone Pavers . Natural stone sold at retailers tends to be a regional resource, and the cobblestones sold in your area will likely comprise whatever type of granite or other stone is prevalent in or near your region. The "brand" of the pavers will be whatever commercial quarry the stone came from.

  • Tumbled Cobblestone, Granite

    14  · Granite cobblestones from . Old World Cobble® are. nature''s unique and superior . paving and edging stone. Combining strength, resiliency, skid resistance, and minimal . water absorption, granite cobblestones offer an unsurpassed combination of characteristics making it …

  • Natural Stone Cobblestones

    Tumbled Cobblestone. Machine cut cobblestone which have been tumbled to round off the edges. Comes in colors of red & white. 9"-10" L x 6" D x 4" thick. Approx. coverage 120 Linear Ft / Ton.

  • Granite Cobblestones

    Granite Cobblestone blocks are hand cut and have a tumbled appearance. Authentically natural granite. Being hand cut, these Cobblestone sizes vary slightly but are fairly consistent. Use these blocks to create a Cobblestone Edger for your gardens or lay them down to get an authentic old world Cobblestone walkway or driveway.

  • Granite Cobblestone: Natural Stone Landscaping ...

    Granite Cobblestone also known as Belgium Block are among the world''s first hardscaping materials. First used to pave roads, now cobblestone is cut into several sizes for garden edging, paving, even wall construction. White with gray accents is the most common color; however, cobblestones can be found in pink, tan (yellow), and black. Woodward ...

  • Cobblestones

    Cobblestones are stones that were frequently used in the pavement of early streets. "Cobble", the diminutive of the archaic English word "cob", meaning "rounded lump", originally referred to any small stone rounded by the flow of water; essentially, a large pebble. It was these smooth "cobbles", gathered from stream beds, that paved the first "cobblestone"View Products...

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    Cobblestones We carry cobblestones in many different colors and sizes. Cobblestone was one of the first natural stone materials used for roads and walkways. The first cobbles were rounded stones found in river beds that were mortared in place. Later, "setts" were introduced – these are manufactured rectangular pieces

  • Why Use Granite Cobblestone Pavers | Natural Stone Materials

    When incorporating pavers into a building project, you will have many choices for natural stone materials to pick from. A popular option great for a variety of building projects are granite cobblestones.Granite cobblestone pavers are an extremely versatile building material that can be used in a variety of outdoor applications such as when constructing driveways, walkways, patios, and outdoor ...

  • Granite cobblestone ( setts )

    Granite cobblestone ( setts ) We have a large selection of granite setts in both rectangular or cubic in shape. Granite cobblestone are very durable in shape and can withstand large amounts of Traffic. Granite setts can be used in both traditional and modern settings. Available colors : Silver G603 / per m2 Yellow G682 /per m2 Black /per m2 ...

  • Granite Cobblestone

    Available In Sizes 4″x4″x8 4″x7″x10″ 4″x4″x4″ 5″x5″x9″ Specifications Sold by piece. Imported product. Description Light gray with a salt and pepper fleck. Used as edging, or driveway aprons.

  • Vintage Granite Cobblestones | Olde New England Granite

    Granite Cobblestone Sizes: In general, the three most common sizes usually fall into these categories: - Small/Minis, approx. less than 20 lbs. each, less than 7" L - Mediums (Regulation size), approx. 20 lbs each, 4"-5" W X 4.5" D X 7"-11" L - Jumbos, approx. 30 lbs. each, 4"-6" W X 6"-8" D X 10"-12" L - Super Jumbos, approx. 35-40 lbs. each, greater than 12" in ...

  • Wisconsin Granite Cobblestone | Lemke Stone Products

    Wisconsin Granite Cobblestone has a wide array of uses from flower beds to small retaining walls and gardens.

  • Old World Cobble

    Old World Cobble® is New England''s original, largest importer, and wholesale distributor of the highest quality granite cobblestones. We offer a large selection of granite cobblestones in various sizes and colors, unparalleled inventory, competitive pricing and quick delivery.

  • Premium Quality Cobblestone Distributor In USA

    Granite has been regarded as a prestigious material for ages and widely used in construction projects to embrace the elegance and quality. Granite is a hard and dense rock formed by several rich minerals. Thus, it is always the best option to choose granite as a natural stone driveway material. GRANITE COBBLESTONE – FROM PAVING TO EDGING


    COBBLESTONE. Cobblestones are individually hand split from the hardest stone in the world, granite. The process of handling the stones from the quarry, into the hold of a ship, and finally onto a pallet softens the edges which creates its antique distressed appearance.

  • Granite Cobblestones | HARDSCAPE

    With a variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes, Granite Cobblestones can be used for any project, commercial or domestic. Colors range from red, black, gold, yellow, grey and silver, with new colors being added to the collection on a regular basis. Variety of sizes and applications make Granite Cobblestones truly a versatile stone…

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    Swenson Granite is a family business providing granite posts, steps, treads, patio pavers and other products in local stores across New England. A Note to Our Customers about Swenson Store Operations & COVID-19. ... We are the dedicated granite and stone people.

  • Black Granite Cobblestone | Stoneyard®

    Black Cobblestones or Belgium blocks, are hand split, dressed and tumbled. Made from all natural Granite stone. Use them as an apron for a driveway entrance or pave the entire driveway, walkway or sidewalk. They also lend strength and luxury as edging in a garden path or walkway, or as veneer for a rustic sitting wall.

  • Granite Cobblestone Color

     · Granite is an igneous rock that forms when magma cools slowly beneath the earth''s surface, forming large, easily visible crystals of quartz, feldspar, and mica. The typical color variation of granite used for cobblestone is gray, speckled black/white and pink. The alkali feldspar is what gives a distinctive pink color, and the amount of ...

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    Call Today 1-888-726-3963 Email us Huge Selection of: PA Bluestone Supplier Bluestone Pavers Wallstone Stone Veneer Fire Pits Cobblestone Reclaimed Stone Granite Imported Stone And more! About Us Sandy Neck Stone is the experienced wholesale stone …

  • Reclaimed Granite Cobblestones | Olde New England Granite

    Reclaimed from a Northern Maine mill town. Average size 9″-13″L x 6″-7″T x 4″-5″W. Super clean with well-worn tops. Colorful coastal grain. Old, old, really old looking. If your project requires a really old looking cobblestone… this is your stone! Jumbo/Super Jumbo Size – "Maine #2".

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    #113 TUMBLED COBBLESTONE 6″ X 10″ BLUE 3 – 4″ THICK Add to Compare Quick View #113B TUMBLED COBBLESTONE 6″ X 10″ BROWN 3 – 4″ THICK Add to Compare Quick View #117 TUMBLED GRANITE COBBLESTONE 5″ X 9″ 2.5″ THICK Add to Compare Quick View #118 TUMBLED GRANITE COBBLESTONE 4″ X 8″ X 4″ Add to Compare Quick View

  • Cobblestones | Stoneyard®

    Cobblestones – Belgium blocks– are hand split, dressed and tumbled. Use them as an apron for a driveway entrance or pave the entire driveway, walkway or sidewalk. They also lend strength and luxury as edging in a garden path or walkway, or as veneer for a rustic sitting wall. Gray Granite cobblestones, the traditional cobblestone color, are ...

  • Granite Cobblestone Pavers | Antique Granite Cobblestone

    Granite cobblestone pavers add an unequaled old-world charm to any homeowner''s project. From driveways to patios, pool decks, and walkways, these stones are a delight to look at and walk on. Our antique granite cobblestones range in length from 4 inches to over 12 inches and vary between 5 and 6 inches wide and 5 and 6 inches thick.

  • Real Cobblestone

    Real Cobblestone Company focus is to supply Outstanding Building Materials to assist you. Real Cobblestone Company offers Granite Cobblestone, Bluestone, Wall Stone, Barn Stone, Landscape Boulders, Millstones, Stone Troughs and Slate. Call Us: 888 433 4443.

  • Granite Cobblestone – Thin Pavers

     · Granite Cobblestone – Thin Pavers. ... Stone "pavers" are available in a variety of natural materials for driveway, walkway, patio and other landscape design applications. Pavers using genuine stone are fabricated with saws that are calibrated for exact dimensions. Uniformity is key to their successful installation.

  • Reclaimed Antique Granite & Sandstone Cobblestone

    Reclaimed Antique Granite or Sandstone Cobblestone. Historic European Cobblestone® is the largest authentic antique reclaimed cobblestone collection available, offering a wider variety of stone types and sizes than you''ll find anywhere else, including old charming curb – imported nationwide! Classic European squares or rectangles in either ...

  • Granite Cobblestone Cubes & Blocks | Ecobblestone

    Area 733 sq ft. 4x4x4″ (+/-) cobblestone, Gray, Rose, 550 pieces per pallet of each color, 16 pallets per truckload. Area 977+ sq ft. 4x4x4″ Gray granite cobblestones for 50,000 sq ft equestrian project. Not yet filled with grout these gray granite cobblestone cubes size 4x4x4" enhanced this Californian home. 4x4x4″ Charcoal Black ...

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    Cobblestone colors available: Salt & Pepper Gray Black Pink Sizes available: Jumbos (7″x10″x4″ – 105/pallet) Regulars (5″x5″x9″ – 150/pallet) Minis (4″x4″x8″ – 250/pallet) Also Available as: Cubes (4″x4″x4″ – 500/pallet) and Pavers (12″x6″x2″) Please note: Bush Hammered Pavers are special order.

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    Find quality landscaping supplies. Landscaping, decorative stone, garden stone, granite, mulch, screened loam, pavers, Unilock accessories. 401-934-1778.

  • Granite Cobblestones

    Technically, cobblestones are small, naturally rounded rocks—not the quarried granite stones commonly referred to as cobblestone. The rectangular quarried stone generally used for paving roads is actually called a sette or, more commonly, Belgian blocks.

  • Custom Stone Fabrication Red Granite Cobblestones | Stoneyard®

    https://youtu /c1LPW4V8d20 Natural Stone Fabrication Cut to Size red granite slab cut into cobblestone pieces 4x4x2 inch with a thermal top.

  • 6 Uses for Granite Cobblestones, the Versatile Building ...

    S tandard granite cobblestones used as planter bed edging. WALKWAYS. Granite cobblestones keep grass out and make a crisp lawn edging for walkways, while enhancing the look of your property. The combination of bluestone pavers and granite cobblestone borders in these walkways below lend a rustic yet elegant appearance to the entryways.

  • How To Install Cobblestone Edging

    Cobble Stone Garden Edging and Borders. I live in the Metro-Boston area where older streets are still paved in granite cobblestones and setts. Cobbles stones make great edging material for gardens, raised beds, pathways and even driveways. Cobblestone edging transforms a landscaping project into a neat and organized looking finished product.

  • Cobblestones

    Look to our ever-versatile granite cobblestones to add a classic look to your home. Available in up to four colors and five sizes.

  • Granite Cobblestones | Available at TLC Supply Quincy, MA ...

    Our granite cobblestones have a light gray color and a tumbled appearance, adding character to any landscape design. Available in five sizes: Curbing - 12" x 48" x 4" (15 pcs/pallet) *For availability on pink, black, or yellow cobblestones please contact TLC Supply.

  • Stoneyard Stone Fabrication Red Granite Cobblestone 4x4x2 ...

     · Natural Stone Fabrication Cut to Size red granite slab cut into cobblestone pieces 4x4x2 inch with a thermal top.

  • Granite Cobblestone | Galantino Supply Company

    Granite Cobblestone. We carry a large selection of Granite Cobblestone available in several different colors and sizes. Cobble stones are beautiful for Curbing and Paving as well as Flower bed edging. Cobblestones can be purchased individually as well as palletized and in bulk. Jumbo Gray Cobblestone 4"x7"x11". Jumbo Black Cobblestone 4 ...

  • Granite Cobblestone

    Granite Cobblestone have been used since ancient times on outdoor surfaces because of their durability and strength. ONe of their more common uses is edging, whether it be flower beds, gardens, walkway, driveway. The uses for these are certainly endless. FEATURES. 4 different sizes; Natural stone, so salt and calcium will not effect them